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Asian Family Caregiver Handbook

How to Use This Handbook?

The responsibilities of caring for a sick or disabled relative can be challenging. If being a family caregiver is a new role for you, it is normal to feel nervous or uneasy about caring for a relative at home.

The following information is designed to make you more comfortable in your role as a family caregiver so that both your relative and you can feel better during this difficult time.

  • Get practical tips, facts, and advice about caring for a relative who is ill.
  • Know how to meet your own needs and when and how to ask for help.
  • Understand the American healthcare system, including end-of-life care.
  • Understand options for care if you are no longer able to care for your
  • relative at home.

View a complete version of the Asian Family Caregivers Handbook or Download PDF.

This Asian Family Caregivers Handbook is available in Adobe Acrobat™ PDF.
(You will need the free Acrobat Reader™ plugin to view and print the following files.)

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Table of Contents
How to Use This Book

Being a Family Caregiver and Taking Care of Yourself
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Am I a Caregiver?
How Do I Feel About Being a Caregiver?
Do I Need Help Caring For My Ill Relative
How Can I Meet My Needs as a Caregiver
Learning How to Relax

Dealing With the Healthcare System
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Me, My Relative, and the Health Care Team
Who are the Members of the Health Care Team?
Communication With the Health Care Team
Medical Emergencies
What are My Rights and Responsibilities as a Family Caregiver in the Healthcare System?

Understanding and Caring For My Relative's Symptoms
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Understanding Pain
Pain Treatment
Understanding Fatigue
Understanding Shortness of Breath
Understanding Feelings of Worry and Sadness
Understanding Behavior and Other Problems Due to Dementia
Medications: Prescriptions and Others

Making Important Medical Decisions With Your Relative
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What Does Your Relative Know About His or Her Illness?
Informed Consent
Serious Medical Decisions
Advance Directives

Dealing With Finances and Health Insurance
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Juggling Family Finances
Understanding Health Insurance
Types of Health Insurance: Medicare, Medigap Policies, Medicaid, Private Insurance
Access to Care For Uninsured Immigrants
Common Concerns For Undocumented Immigrants

Transitions: Home Care, Residential Care, and Housing Options
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What is Home Care?
Does Your Relative Need Residential Care?
Types of Residential Facilities
What Other Accessible Housing Options are Available?

Asian Culture, Values, and Family Communication
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Asian Culture and Western Medicine
Conversations With Your Seriously Ill Relative
Traditions and Decisions Before Death
Illness, Caregiving, and Family Relationships
How Do I Talk to My Children About My Relative's Illness?
Spiritual Support

Palliative Care and Hospice
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What is Palliative Care?
Services Provided by Hospice

Dealing With Your Relative's Death -- Practical and Emotional Concerns
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Decisions About Funeral Arrangements
Other Tasks After Death
Emotional Reactions to Death
Dealing With Your Grief

Caregiver Handbook
Asian Family Caregiver Handbook


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